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Being sent home on health grounds

When exactly can a student be sent home on health grounds?

Education Act 1989, s 19

You can be sent home (“precluded”) from school by the principal if the principal has reasonable grounds to think that:

This is because of the school’s responsibility to provide a safe physical and emotional environment for all students.

The principal should seek advice before deciding whether it’s necessary to send a student home on health grounds. They must also apply this law consistently. If, for example, a principal precluded one child with head lice but not others, it may be a breach of the Human Rights Act 1993.

What happens after a student is sent home on health grounds?

Education Act 1989, s 19(2)

Immediately after sending you home on health grounds, the principal must inform:

The board must then look into the issue and decide whether to confirm or cancel the principal’s decision. You may have to produce a medical certificate to get back into school.