Student Rights

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Your right to be kept informed by the school

When should I be told about my child’s progress and any problems?

National Administration Guidelines (NAGs) 2, 2A

Schools have to report on a student’s progress and achievements to the student and to their parents. For students enrolled in years 1–8, schools must also provide a written report on the student’s progress and achievement in relation to the National Standards, at least twice a year.

Education Act 1989, s 77(b), and ss 60, 92 (“parent” definition)

The principal has to take all reasonable steps to tell a student’s parents if there are problems that are preventing or slowing a student’s progress through school, or that are harming the student’s relationships with teachers or other students. Both parents must be told, even if the student only lives with one parent. “Parent” here also includes guardians and immediate caregivers.

arents getting information from the school, see page 116

If you feel the school hasn’t kept you well-informed, ask the principal for an explanation. Make sure the school knows how to contact you, and make it clear to them that you want and expect the school to keep you informed.